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A leading performance marketing solution that drives guaranteed revenue for the world's top brands.

Our Mission

Our goal is to scale a brand’s ability to create and grow customer relationships through websites, email, text, and ads.

We believe individuals should have the freedom to choose the kind of internet they want. An internet that fosters genuine relationships with brands. An internet that treats humans like real people instead of “web traffic.”

We also believe in empowering brands to treat their customers as individuals, satisfying their unique needs with tailored experiences and thoughtful communication. By expertly personalizing, automating, and scaling beautiful one-to-one experiences, Wunderkind helps brands acquire new customers at scale and keep them loyal for life.

Wunderkind was founded in 2010 by Ryan Urban, Namik Abdulzade, Andreas Spartalis, and Cole Sharp with the mission of being the world’s leading performance marketing solution. Through rapid growth and expansion, Wunderkind has exceeded expectations and naturally evolved into an industry-leading performance marketing engine driving undeniable revenue for the world’s top eCommerce, advertising, and publisher brands.

At Wunderkind, we believe everyone deserves to be recognized as an individual.

We’ve assembled top talent and built industry-leading performance marketing technology that will pioneer a new age of disruption and value

Our History


Built by marketers, for marketers

Now York City

One World

Sitting seventy-four stories up in One World Trade Center, we’re Manhattan to our core. Hustle, heart, and ambition permeates through everything we do.


Europe's cultural crossroads

With the city and the creative East End on one side and the whirl of the West End on the other, our EMEA HQ rubs shoulders with a whole continent.

An industry leader by every metric

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