Stop Annoying Your Audience With Intrusive Ads.

Bad ad experiences are costing you. WunderKIND Ads can help you serve better experiences that engage users at the right moment. The result? Happier users and higher returns.

Let’s take a look at what this means.

“Neonpixel Ads deliver on a wide range of objectives for us; everything from upper funnel awareness and engagement down to lower funnel on-site actions, registrations, and purchases. Having one partner that can deliver up and down the funnel has been critical to our brands' success.”

Tito Flores III,
Client Investment Lead at MediaCom

A WunderKIND Ad experience drives results.

WunderKIND Ads deliver an unparalleled user-first ad experience by NOT interrupting the reader’s content consumption. Rather, once they disengage, we deliver our ads in an impactful, non-intrusive, and kind way.


of users have a negative perception of brands that interrupt their content consumption


of users are unlikely to return to a publisher page that interrupts their content consumption

Exit intent

Exit intent

When a user’s cursor crosses over the browser plane (desktop) or their finger touches down on the URL window (mobile) to leave the site.



When a user scrolls significantly below the fold and then all the way back to the top of the page.



When a user is inactive for 10 seconds and then scrolls away or moves their cursor away from content.



When a user is inactive on a publisher’s site for a full 30 seconds before becoming active on the page again.



When a user scrolls all the way to the bottom of a finite-scroll page.



When a user switches tabs for at least 10 seconds and then returns to their original tab.

We run four billion A/B test impressions every month to understand which user behaviors drive the best performance. We found that a non-intrusive approach that puts user experience and content first delivers the best results. Check out client examples in our lookbook.

Once we’ve identified the right time to show an ad, we deploy the right format.

Wunderkind’s custom placements are designed to fit both our advertiser and publishing partners’ needs. Our placements range from large high-impact display to standard IAB display. All of our formats are available on both desktop and mobile, and our large format ads come with free creative services to ensure they make a big impact.

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A WunderKIND Ad experience drives results.


Over-Indexed Viewability. Over indexes to display benchmark (61%)


Higher Attention Quality


More Site Actions


Industry-Leading gross CPMs are driven by our inventory


Incremental Demand lift in ad revenue on average

Top 5

Wunderkind regularly appears as a Top 5 Revenue Partner

The proof is in the pudding.

Triggering ads based on behaviors that signify disengagement from publisher content creates a better user experience and helps garner true qualified engagement compared to standard display and high-impact activations.

“Wunderkind has been a showstopper for us—specifically for registrations! Wunderkind is actually contributing ~30% of total registration starts for this campaign. We’re very pleased (as is the client).”

Lyndsey Garza Global VP of Programmatic at Brainlabs

Success Story:

See how Wunderkind drove unparalleled revenue for


Want to learn more? Check out our Kindness in Advertising report here.

A respectful and brand-safe user experience is at the heart of everything we do.



We’ve built a marketplace of 200+ premium brands and 300+ top publishers who recognize the importance of a user-first ad experience.

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